5 Most prominent programming languages that you can master on YouTube

There has been digitization all over the world and to stay ahead in this technology-based world you need to have a trick up your sleeve. So, today we are going to present top 5 programming languages that you can learn from YouTube.

YouTube has become a trending place for any kind of music, dance, fests and now even for learning. There are certain programming languages that you can pretty easily master from the tutorials present on YouTube.

The 5 of the most easily available and popular on YouTube platform are as follows:

  1. JAVA

Java is the most popular programming language of this decade because it has its reach everywhere from top IT industries to your smartphone in your pocket.  It is considered to be one of the most advanced languages of all times.

To learn Java all you need to do is open up YouTube and search: “Full Java Course”; and in return, you will get all those videos which have complete Java beginner’s knowledge which gives you a head start.

YouTube Channels– FreeCodeCamp.org, ProgrammingKnowledge

  1. C++

C++ is that evergreen language which not only provides you with all the basics related to programming but also the functionality that makes it still hot property among the rest.

It is considered to be the basis of all programming languages.

You can easily learn this language on YouTube as you’ll find tons of videos which have an ample amount of knowledge that structures your programming persona.

YouTube Channels- Extern Code, Jerry Banfield


If the future is bright, then it will be purely because of this amazing programming language named Python. It is a revolution that makes programming less hectic and more powerful.

Despite being a comparatively new programming language Python courses on YouTube are very viewer-friendly and skillful.

YouTube Channels- FreeCodeCamp.org, edureka!

  1. C#

C# is the most powerful programming language by Microsoft. This language is quicker and easier than its predecessors. Like C++, you can also create jaw-dropping video games using C#.

On YouTube, you can easily find a plethora of videos stating as “C# full course”, which is definitely useful for any learning aspirant.

YouTube Channels- codeschool, ShareForLearning

  1. PHP

PHP is the most common scripting language that you can find nowadays because of its user-friendliness and supreme features this language has created a spark when comes to website creation.

You can easily learn this language on YouTube platform as you can easily find great videos of PHP language and most of them are quite useful.

YouTube Channels- Learn4Startup, Jazeb Akram

So, in this “Digital age” learn in “Digital way”

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