50,000 printers were hacked by a hacker, asking people to subscribe Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie, the most subscribed youtube channel has been struggling to secure its first position. As T-series, an Indian record label channel who has been growing and grabbing subscribers rapidly is now very close to Pewdiepie and can surpass him any time. The subscribers of Pewdiepie has been putting their full strength to make Pewdiepie remains at the top spot. But the battle for the crown got more real when a hacking stunt was performed on Friday.

A hacker named TheHackerGiraffe, who publically accepted that he was responsible for the stunt, most likely a fan of Pewdiepie hacked 50,000 printers and printed messages, asking people to support Pewdiepie and subscribe him.

People took to Twitter to post these mysterious printouts in which most of them are from Canada, UK, and England. The hacker was just trying to convey printer security issue through this stunt.

The hacker further disclosed that he found 800,000 printers available, but he decided to hack 50,000 printers.

Pewdiepie is a Swedish YouTuber who usually does video game commentatory and funny videos. He has been on top in terms of the most subscribed channel over 5 years. While, T series, an India record label who posts trailers and songs of the Bollywood movies. In India, the reach of people to access the internet has been gradually increased which is one of the reasons of rapid growth in  T Series subscribers rate. This made the T-Series in position to gain over 72 million subscribers. Both the channels have 72 million subscribers, the difference roughly less than 100k subscribers.

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