Best laptops for Android Studio

Android Studio can be proved a nightmare for those who have been using Eclipse IDE and Android SDK. As they try to shift from these IDEs to Android Studio, the point of view towards their laptops get changed and failed to serve what you expected. Android Studio is a heavy Software for android application development and requires a lot of resources such as RAM, CPU and memory and more. Most of laptops and Desktops we have are configured with 4GB of RAM, Intel i3 processors, and even don’t support virtual android emulator, resulting they ain’t able to fulfill the needs of Android Studio.

If you are looking for laptops specifically for Android development then you should mainly look at these aspects
1) RAM
2) Processor
3) Storage

More RAM means more processes or application could run easily. So, I would recommend 6 GB of RAM for the heavy Android Studio. However, Minimum of 3G RAM is required according to requirements mentioned on its Official Site.
To handle instructions and control these multiple processes simultaneously, a powerful processor would be needed, I would recommend Intel i5 6th generation processor and AMD A10 6th Generation ( Note: I recommend you AMD only if you are using Linux OS as ARM emulator is very slow )

In storage media, you should be more focused on SDD rather than HDD, most of us neglect this SDD drive which is comparatively faster than the HDD.

Asus TUF 

If you’re looking for a laptop that has a powerful and a humongous RAM then ASUS TUF should be your first choice. As it provides 8GB of RAM coupled with 2.3 GHz Intel i5 8th generation processor. It also supports SFHHD drive competitive with SSD to some extent. It also has 1 TB of HDD. However, it is made for heavy Gaming but has all the features that fulfill all the requirements of Android Studio. It is a value for money device, having a cost of Rs 57,999. Want to see specification? GO HERE

Acer Nitro AN515-51


The best way to choose anything is by looking at its features. and when you think of buying a laptop for programming you can look for Acer Nitro. It provides you 2.50GHz intel core i5 processor with 1TB of a hard drive. The best part of this laptop is its 8GB RAM and having the support of Solid state drive to enhance your performance. It costs Rs 75,250.  GO HERE for specifications.

Lenovo Yoga 710-15


Lenovo Yoga 710-15 would provide you most of the currently available technologies in a laptop that can have features such as touch screen, 360-degree flip and fold design, LED backlight, i7 processor and 256 GB SSD drive that would force you to buy this laptop. It supports 8GB of RAM coupled with Intel Core i5 7th Generation processor having 1 TB Hard disk. It also comes with a 256 GB SSD drive that would enhance the performance of reading or writing data speed. It would be a great choice to go with the laptop in order to get enhance the experience, costing Rs 71,795.  GO HERE for specification.

Apple MacBook Air Core

Apple’s MacBooks are well known for their efficiency and effectiveness. If you want a Macbook for programming then Apple MacBook Air Core would be the good choice having intel core i5 processor clocked 1.8 GHz with 128 GB Solid State hard drive. It comes up MacOS Sierra operating system coupled with 8GB of RAM. It will cost you Rs 68,990 and GO CHECK OUT here

Dell Inspiron 5370

Dell Inspiron 5370 with a great look and rich features could be a great preference to go with. It supports Intel core i5 8th generation processor clocked with 3.4 GHz base processor speed with 6MB Cache. It comes up with a smaller screen which is mostly preferred by developers with powerful 8GB RAM supporting Intel UHD 620 Graphics. You will get preinstalled Windows 10 with lifetime validity on the top of it you would be getting 256 GB SSD drive. It costs Rs 62,490. GO HERE for more details

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