Bitcoin falls below $3,500 mark, losing 44% of its value

Bitcoin, World’s largest cryptocurrency has been losing its market value along with other cryptocurrencies, since after planned hard fork of Bitcoin Cash took place.

The world witnessed a sharp decline of 44% as compared to 14th November 2018. According to Coindesk, Bitcoin’s value went down by $2,780, decreased from $6,277 registered on 14th November 00:00 PST (1:03 PM) to yesterday’s $3,497 at 2:35 PST (4:05 PM in India)   – since registered lowest value yesterday.


This is the worst year for Bitcoin as its value has been dropping down from January and if we look at the value on the yearly basis, it fell down over 53 %. On 17th December 2017, the value went all the way to $18,793 which was the highest ever.

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