Bitcoin has been struggling to remain over $4,000 mark

Bitcoin, World’s largest cryptocurrency has been struggling to remain over $4,000 mark against US Dollar. We witnessed a huge growth started on 17th December, but Bitcoin was unable to maintain it. It fell off to $3,587.2 from yesterday’s $3807.2, down 6%, whereas decreased 12% as compared to 20th December 2018 – since highest in this month. Due to this, Bitcoin again is trading in Red and it might be dropped further below $3,500 mark.

End Year Interview by BlockTV

BlockTV, a blockchain and cryptocurrency news source hosted an end-year interview with Anothony Pomplian, partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets. Pomp cleared that cryptocurrencies haven’t shown up long-term decline for which investors have been worried for. Pomp also noted that last week BTC was at its lowest $3,150 and it is possible that it could fall further.

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