Difference between a modem and router ?


A Modem stands for Modulator and DEModulator.

The main objective of the Modem is to convert digital signals to analog signals while transmitting and converting back analog signals to digital signals while receiving data.



A Router can be defined as a networking device that is basically used to carry forward the data packets to various computer networks. Routers are used while transmitting data so that they can efficiently direct the Internet traffic.



  1. Layer (in which it resides):

Modem resides in DATA LINK LAYER whereas, Router resides in NETWORK LAYER.

  1. Form of data transmission:

In both the modem as well as routers the data is transmitted in the form of PACKETS.

  1. Device type:

A modem is an INTER-NETWORKING device whereas, a router is a NETWORKING device.

  1. Ports:

Modem:    2 PORTS-

  • One for ISP connection.
  • Second for connecting to the router.

Router:     Can have MULTIPLE PORTS.

  1. Security:

A Modem does not provide any kind of security whereas; Router provides security by protecting the network.

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