Difference Between OLTP And OLAP

  1. OLTP is abbreviated as online transaction processing whereas OLAP stands for online analytical processing.
  2. OLTP is basically a processing system that can manage all the online transactions as well as all the modifications that are made to the database. OLAP is basically an analysis system that analyses data as well as it can also retrieve your data online.
  1. The emphasis of OLTP is to update information, delete information along with inserting information that is to be managed over a database. The emphasis of OLAP is to empower the process of decision making by the means of analyzing the extracted data.
  1. In OLTP, the source of data is the online transaction processing itself along with its transactions that will ultimately generate data.In OLAP, the source of data is the databases of all the OLTPs that will be harnessed to generate the data.
  1. In OLTP, there are loads of transactions and these transactions are always the short transactions.In OLAP, there are many OLTP databases in the OLAP which makes the transactions quite long.
  1. As a processing system, the transaction’s processing time is considerably less in the OLTP system as compared to OLAP. As an analysis system, the transaction’s processing time is considerably more in OLAP system as compared to OLTP system.
  1. The OLTP system has the transactions about insertion, deletion, and updating of data into the database, which in turn signifies that the queries should be simpler to use by the user. The OLAP system has the transactions of all the databases of the OLTP, this, in turn, signifies that the transaction is more complicated and quite complex.


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