Difference Between RISC And CISC Machine


RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer.

RISC is basically conceptualized on the fact of making hardware simpler and less complex. And this is done by implementation of the Instruction set which reduces the load on processes like loading, storing and evaluating data.



CISC stands for Complex Instruction Set Computer.

CISC is basically based on complex hardware and all the importance is given to that always. This is done by implementing complex hardware which serves as a single instruction for all the processes like loading, storing and evaluating data.



  1. RISC machine focuses more on software and less on hardware, whereas; CISC machine focuses more on hardware and less on software.
  2. RISC machine has greater use of registers so, they use transistors for more registers, whereas; CISC machine uses a greater number of complex instructions, so they use transistors to store all their complex instructions.
  3. In RISC machine, as it follows a software-based approach that is why, the code part is large, whereas; in CISC machine, as it is complex hardware driven, this makes the code part much smaller.
  4. In RISC machine, due to its great and reliable software approach, an instruction can execute in a single clock cycle, whereas; in CISC machine, due to its more hardware driven approach, an instruction lags a little bit and takes more than one clock cycle.
  5. The RISC instructions are quite handy and easy as they can fit in a single word, whereas; the CISC instructions are quite larger than a typical word.


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