Facebook silently launches Lasso, a Musical.ly alike app

Facebook had been in talks that they about to develop an app similar to Musical.ly with additional features.

Musical.ly, also known as TikTok has been popular among teenagers with the user base of over 200 million, most of them are young users on its platform. And Facebook clearly wants to attract those youngsters to their platform, again, by grabbing the market shares of Musical.ly with its Lasso.

On Friday, Facebook product manager, Bowen Pan took on Twitter to announce the newly launched Lasso, a standalone app which allows users to record short lips synching and dancing videos of themselves, similar to TikTok. Additionally, new users can easily sign up on Lasso with the help of their Facebook or Instagram account and directly share their videos on both the platforms.

The app is available on Play store and App store for Android and iOS devices, respectively. However, it is not currently launched in India. Hopefully, Lasso will stand up against Musical.ly and give tough competition.

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