Google cloud now provides support for node.js in its App engine

Last week, Google reported that the developers who has been on Google App engine  Standard Environment can now deploy node.js applications to their App engine. Moreover, there are many popular programming languages which already supported on Google clouds platform are JAVA, GO, .NET,PHP, Python and ruby.

Node.js is a cross platform and developed on Chrome’s JavaScript run-time V8 engine ( resembles JAVA virtual machine)  for the purpose of executing  JavaScript codes on server side.

These are some mentioned benefits:

  1. Node.js with App engine helps programmers to create a node.js application within a short period of time. In addition, the number of instances are automatically  fallen down by app engine as number of  incoming requests decrease and when the number of incoming requests on node.js application grow up then the number of instances also increase.

2. Google also added that there are no API restrictions, so that  developers can use their favorite modules without any worries.

3. Further, it also provides  strong security to the node.js applications by using Google’s one-click certificate generation. It has designed their own client node.js libraries, so that developers can use their products such as Cloud Datastore.

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