Google to introduce Google One Cloud Storage plans in India

After USA, Google is planning to introduce paid Google One cloud storage subscriptions in India that will enable users to store their personal data securely on to the cloud. It keeps images, files and videos safe in original quality which can be remotely accessed. Google One provides free 15 GB of storage with every Google account.

Users that looking for more space, can purchase plans as per their needs, ranging from 100GB to 1 TB.

In terms of paid plans in USA, a user can expand Google drive’s space up to 100 GB of storage for $1.99/month,200 GB for $2.99/month and lastly, 2 TB space costs $9.99/month.

Google One allows users to share their already purchased storage subscription up to 5 people, enabling multiple users onto a single plan.

Users having already paid google drive plan would be automatically upgraded to Google One, without affecting the existing services of Google drives such as store and share file

Lastly, users can enjoy additional benefits that include Google play credits to redeem gift cards and instant help from Google experts if you get stuck in an issue then they will help you out.


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