Google’s Dart programming language upgrades to Dart 2, with recreated Web platform

Google’s Dart programming language is now evolved to Dart 2, having recreated Web platform. Google has been using this language to develop web-based applications, consisting of millions of codes.  Further, Dart is one of the fastest growing languages on Github.

Dart  2 has came up with lots of enhanced and effective features. Developers who have been using Dart language for developing a web application and mobile apps can use the same libraries and tools with enhanced web-based stuff on Dart 2 version, especially flutter (framework for developing an app in iOS, Android) developers.

Google is trying to make this language as a mainstream language for fast development and effective user experience. Dart 2 enables the programmers to develop the productive application with the help of its powerful framework and components which reduces the boilerplate (same code with no or little modification), this lets a developer to focus only on the logic. With an extra support of tools that are capable of catching errors early, providing powerful debugging and fast run-time code, would put a step further to develop an effective product.

It assures an optimized and high-quality application, built up with million of lines of codes as Dart’s type system catches lots of errors in the development phase.

From the beginning, Web applications are the primary focus of Dart language, Google uses it for web application development as it helps in reducing the UI codebase. On the other hand, Core dart SDK serves libraries that enable us to access the current browser’s APIs.

Dart is back, with the bang. ‘Beware other languages’. 

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