IBM goes with Samsung to manufacture 7nm Microprocessor

IBM, US-based Tech Giant teamed up with Samsung for manufacturing their next-generation microprocessor, the 7 nm microprocessor. The collaboration focuses on serving high system performance, memory, and I/O bandwidth, encryption and system scaling. These aspects would offer high-performance computing particularly framed for AI.

7 nm chip will be used in IBM’s Power Systems, LinuxONE, and IBM Z.
They further explained that Samsung delivers the same commitment level as IBM does in terms of performance, reliability, security, and innovation that’s the reason why they partnered with Samsung.

Their Agreement Expands 15-Year R&D Partnership to Define Leadership Roadmap for the Semiconductor Industry.

Lastly, Samsung is a member of OpenPOWER foundation, offering development of IBM Power architecture based customized server and also a member of Q Network which deals in the understanding of application software in Quantum Computing.

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