Java still remains at No.1 in terms of Popularity in 2018 : TIOBE index measuring Report

Recently, TIOBE released its index measuring programming language report in which Java is shining at number 1 position, trying to keep itself remain stuck in this place for a long time. These indexes are based on the popularity of the languages. Further, TIOBE explained that the top 9 programming languages have been quite stable at their respective positions for a large time span.

Coming to Apple’s Swift language which keeps on fighting to grab the 10th rank and it has been often seen going back and forth for the 10th place. However, for the time being, it has secured this position and now it can be considered among the top 10 languages.

You might not know that Swift is not only used for the development of iOS apps but it can also be used for developing Android apps, However, it’s not much popular among the developers yet. It would take some time for developers to see this language as an alternate for Java or Kotlin. Once it is discovered as an android app maker, it would gradually rank up.

On the other hand, R is certainly loosing from Python as both the languages are specific to data science. Considering rank, R has climbed up to 14th position, whereas Python is at 4th. It’s clear that Python is way more popular than its rival.
According to TIOBE, these ranking are based on the popularity of a language which was rated by skilled engineers, whereas popular search engines, Wikipedia and Youtube also used to calculate the ratings.

Top 5 languages are:

Language Rank In October 2018 Rank in October 2017
Java 1 1
C 2 2
C++ 3 3
Python 4 5
Visual Basic .NET 5 8

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