JetBrains released IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2, providing support for upcoming JAVA 11 

On Wednesday, JetBrains has released a brand new version of its IDE (Integrated development Environment), adding effective features to it. Further, JAVA 11 expected to come out in September 2018.
They mentioned some features that would be in Intellij IDEA 2018.2:
1. Support for JAVA 11: Currently, JAVA 10 is in use this was released in March 2018, However, JAVA 11 is about to officially release in September with the ability to use var keyword in lambda expressions. After every 6 months, Oracle provides a new version of JAVA .
2. Improvement in Editor: Using Tab button, you can now jump out of the closing bracket and many more.
3. Improvement in User interface: Support for MacBook touch bar. New theme for Linux. Icons are now changed.
4. Added features to VCS(Version control system) which will make it more easier to maintain versions of your project.
5. JVM debugger with new Breakpoint intentions.
6. Updated Kotlin and Scala plugins.
7. Groovy: Support for do..while loop, try with resources.
8. Codecoverage feature for JavaScript & TypeScript that would spot unused code in client side apps.
Read all the Features here.

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