C Graphics » Clipping

Clipping is the process of drawing pixels only to a selective region or well-defined window. In this, pixels that lie outside the window or clip region get removed by using various clipping algorithms. It is mainly used for artistic purposes.

A line or an object can be partially or completely inside in a window.

If the given line or object is partially inside the clip region, then the portion which is outside the window would be removed.

Point Clipping:

In point clipping, a point (x,y) is checked whether it falls within the window or not.

 Line Clipping:

A line clipping comes into play, where the extra portion of a given line that lies outside the window is cut off from the clip region. There is a popular line clipping algorithm named Cohen sutherland algorithm.

 Polygon clipping

It also follows the same concept, it cuts out vertices of the polygon that is outside the windows.

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