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What is computer graphics?

Graphic word is derived from the Greek term “graphikos” which means “drawn” or “written”. Computer Graphics is anything that is displayed on the screen. It can be an image or a collection of an image in series i.e. a video. Graphics are used to represent data, message, etc. It is a study of creating designs and pictures.

Computer graphics can be of two types:

Interactive Computer Graphics:- In this type of graphics, users can interact with the given image, means they have full control over the graphics, such as video games

Non-interactive Computer Graphics: It’s opposite to the previous one, in this users don’t have any control over image, such as Animated GIFS, Screen Saver


Computer Graphics’ application can be classified as follows:
• Display of information
Medical reports, statistics, books, and magazines, etc.
• Design
Blueprints of buildings and automobiles, CGI in the entertainment industry, etc.
User interfaces
• Simulation
Training pilots and drivers


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