C# » Introduction


An object-oriented language developed by Microsoft for writing class libraries and runtime during the development of .NET framework in 2000. It is used to develop various type of applications such as client-server applications and database applications are some of the examples.

There are so many features which explain how powerful C# is:-

Object-oriented language:  C# is an object-oriented language which allows encapsulation, polymorphism, Inheritance such features. The problem is seen as an object that resembles an entity such as a place or thing. These objects have their attributes and behaviour that reside within Classes.
Generic programming:  Similar to C++, C# also supports the concept of generic methods and classes, that supports type safety and reuse of code.
 Robustness: C# provides a robust application as it supports garbage collection, exception handling, and type-safe features.
Easy to learn: If you are familiar with C++ or JAVA, then you would get the concepts of C# easily.

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