What is an assembly ?

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An assembly is a single unit of deployment of a .net application. When a program is compiled, the compiler generates an IL( Intermediate Language) code, which is identical to Bytecode of Java and then a CLI assembly is created. An assembly contains manifest(contains metadata), resources and all types that .NET support. After a successful compilation, it takes up the form of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) or EXE file. It is very helpful as it is used for various purposes such as versioning, security, and type identity of an application.

An assembly may consist of one or more modules. In simple words,  it is a packed package which is already compiled and ready to execute independently on the system. If any type in assembly is out of .NET framework then CLR would not support those types.

When an assembly is created and how it looks?

It is automatically generated as soon as your program is successfully compiled and your source code became IL code.

Now, It is an exe file that can be executed independently. like this:

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