Many apps are going to disappear from Google Play

Google play has released a new developer policy for Android developers with the motive of providing trustworthy android apps in its play store. Those apps which trigger violation of any mentioned instructions in policy, will be removed. Further, the policy covers a large number of Android apps that going to disappear from Playstore. It includes apps that somehow fall into the following categories such as Cryptocurrency, inappropriate content, sell of firearms or explosives, displaying inappropriate ads  and use of unauthorized system functionalities.

The company also stated the requirements for Gambling and DFS(Daily fantasy sports) apps in order to be on Playstore, if these requirements ain’t up to the mark, then your app may be kicked out from the play store.


Further, repetitive content (simply, copied functionality)  or apps with same functionality  would also violet the policy, the   purpose for this guideline is to provide unique content to user.

Google also bans those applications that has faults , such as sudden crush of app, non-responsive app etc.

Apps whose primary motive is to get clicks on their ads from user forcefully, would also get banned. So that users can get what they deserve, a good service. Further, Apps that ask for excessive personal information more than necessary would also don’t get place in Google Playstore.

Lastly, Developers those are earning from their apps, have to use Google Play’s payment system.

Read full policy here.

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