Microsoft to stop accepting applications developed for Windows 8/8.1 devices

Microsoft about to stop accepting applications developed for Windows Phone 8.x or earlier and Windows 8/ 8.1 packages, in addition, updates of existing apps will also not be available to these respective devices, although updates will be available for Windows 10 devices. In their blog, they mentioned dates for not accepting the apps and updates with Window Phone 8.x and Window 8/8.1 based devices. Only Window 10 users can avail the updates of the existing applications.

These are the following mentioned days:

  1. From 31st October 2018 onwards, no new applications will be accepted for  Windows 8/8.1 and Window Phone 8.x, but for the time being, Microsoft will be still distributing updates of existing applications.
  2. From 1st June 2019, Microsoft will no longer provide updates with Window Phone 8.x. However, app updates will be available for Window 10 devices.
  3. From 1st July 2023, Microsoft will stop providing application updates for Window 8/8.1 devices. However, updates will be available to Window 10 devices.

Microsoft further adviced the developers to port their existing applications to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which enables you to create a single Windows 10 app package so that users of your applications can install it into their devices.

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