NASA reveals “flying saucer” crashed photo that took place 14 years ago

NASA finally released the photo of “flying saucer” from outer space that crashed in Utah desert. This flying saucer was tracked by radar, after which it got chased down by helicopter.Further, they revealed that no space aliens were involved in this and this was happened in 2004.

In reality , the saucer was the human made robot Genesis spaceship which was launched by NASA itself on 8th, August 2001 to study the Sun. But, it ended up with hard landing as the parachutes did not open when it was re-entering in Earth’s atmosphere carrying particle capsule. Resultant, it got crashed. Further, The helicopters were waiting for the Genesis in mid air but the things wasn’t as per plan.The Genesis mission was to collect solar winds particles (pieces of the Sun) for deeper knowledge of formation of solar system which use to retarded by Earth’s magnetic field. Further, the crashed remaining were in good position to study it.

About Genesis

Genesis was the spacecraft, launched by NASA on 8th August 2001 for collecting the samples of solar particles of the Sun.It collected the particles and after 26 month orbiting around the sun, when it was returning to earth, the parachute got defunct and crashed in September, 2004 whose photo was recently released by NASA, on 4th November 2018.

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