Nasscom:1.4 lakh jobs vacant for AI and Data-science in india

Despite the fact that AI and Data-Science are the biggest buzzwords these days in the industry.
This industry of artificial intelligence and data science has around 1.4 lakh vacant places.

Data-scientist is considered to be the job of 21st century. And there is a huge number of aspirants to get this job but the problem is most of the companies who offer it require its applicants to be good with a number of skills such as Statistics, Data – visualization, SQL and last but surely not the least Programming skills(preferably python or R). We live in a country where kid living at every other block is an engineer so this clears the fact the we aren’t running out of good programmers but one should be good at other skills listed above too and to solve this issue

Nasscom on Thursday said to fill these vacant positions it would involve universities, colleges and some other companies such as Wipro and Tech Mahindra to provide the relevant skills to approximately 1 Million employees and prospective students.

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