A new version of Google’s GO programming language is now available

Google announced a new version of GO programming language, after six months. The new released GO version 1.11  has primarily revised the implementation of the toolchain, runtime, and libraries. The new release ensures that new version of GO language must maintain the Compatibility, compilation, and execution as it uses to do before.

To develop software with GO 1.11, you have to have Window 7 or later, OpenBSD or later and macOS 10.10 Yosemite or later, as support for the earlier versions of these operating system has discarded.

These are some features mentioned in the given blog:

  •  The new updates added a new concept named “modules” (represents the path of your GO project ) that came up with the support for versioning and packaging distribution. For being now, Module concept is just for the experimental purpose.
  • Go would not allow the use of import paths consisting of @ symbols.
  • Go came up with new package API for locating and loading packages, though it’s not a part of the standard library as go/build package can’t provide full support for modules.
  • Debugging information is now more accurately produced by the compiler, providing variable location information, line number and breakpoints.
  • The newly updated runtime has removed the boundaries of the size of GO heap, fixed address space conflict failures.
  • With new release, GO puts it steps forward in terms of better performance as libraries are optimized and better-generated code leads to faster execution of programs.

To know more detailed information go here.

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