Protect Your Password With Google’s New Extension

Google just recently launched their new extension for the Chrome browser to help users to protect their credentials online. As the extension is not built into chrome so, you will have to download it separately to make it work.

How does this work?

Let us consider a situation, suppose you are about to login into your account online then, immediately this password check-up extension gets activated after you enter your details. So, this extension looks deeper into the 4 billion credentials that can possibly be a part of any kind of data breach or data leak. If it finds out a match, the extension will flash a warning message to you and will ask you to change your password.


Well, this extension is quite similar to Troy Hunt’s service which also checks the user data and details online and finds out about the leaks and breach. But Google has created a browser extension which is quite commendable.


Google ensures that this extension has been designed in such a way that the user details are never ever revealed to the company and also prevents malicious activities from the hackers online.

This extension is quite a unique creation and also it promises a lot of security. Google is the flag bearer of unconventional creation and technologies so, let’s hope that this time also they won’t disappoint us.

Will it be the ultimate security measure for our credentials online? Only time will tell.


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