Redesigned Google Chrome is coming soon

If, by any chance, you are bored to see that same old look of Google Chrome then get ready to see the redesigned version of it. The Google owned browser will soon be releasing its version 69, this 4th of September.

Enterprise release notes pointed towards a “new design across all operating systems” for Chrome 69. With the “curvy” “Material Design,”Chrome 69 will bring features like Windows 10 notifications and touchpad gestures for Windows 10. Google is resisting the third party grants in chrome 69 to reduce the crashes caused by these apps. This will make the chrome to be more stable, sophisticated and more efficient.

Google chrome 69 will come with full password alert which will help the users to secure their accounts as an alert message will pop up when they go to suspecius sites.

Further, Adobe has announced that they will be no longer distributing Adobe Flash and its updates at the end of 2020. Therefore, in upcoming Chrome, users have to provide permission to Flash every time when they restart their chrome because in the new update it will no longer maintain the visited site settings for Adobe Flash plugin.

As per StatCounter, Over 59% of users are on Chrome globally, followed by Safari with only 14%.

Look for what new feature Gmail app has introduced for its Android users.

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