Saankhya Labs launches Pruthvi-3 microchip, a multi standard next generation System on Chip

On Thursday, Bangaluru based Saankhya Labs revealed its Pruthvi-3 chipset which was launched by Manoj Sinha, Union communication Minister at New Delhi. It is world’s first and most advanced multi-standard next-generation System on Chip powered by Saankhya’s SDR architecture.

Pruthvi-3 is an improvement from the previous Pruthvi chipset which was launched back in 2015. It is India’s first advanced chipset that can be embedded in various communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets and also for satellite communication. Till now these kinds of chipsets have been built by foreign countries, wheras India had a lack of resources, but things are changed now. This Modern Chipset enables TV broadcast directly on mobile devices and also supports the next generation broadcast standard.

The company already has gotten advance orders of 5 million chipsets.

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