Telesat’s Balloon tech to provide Internet service from Space

Internet service based company Telesat is working to reap the benefits from the Loon which is using their balloon-based technology.


This company plans to launch hundreds of their fast-paced satellites to deliver broadband service across the globe. These satellites would receive a signal from any one point on the Earth, then it will simply send it from one satellite to other which resides in their space network, and at the end, the signal will be thrown back to its destination.


These Balloon technology based satellites are quite lighter than those normal GEO (Geostationary) satellite. The Vice president of Telesat, Erwin Hudson said, “We are creating the routable Internet in the sky”.

Telesat has approached the Alphabet-owned Loon which will help them provide all the necessary radio-based technology and will also grant them cellular/mobile coverage so, that the expensive infrastructure could be avoided.


Telesat is not the only company which has plans for providing Internet access through satellites. Companies like SpaceX and OneWeb also have similar desires. But the Telesat’s Vice president pointed out, that this task is not as easy as it seems because firstly most companies do not own or have such technology other than Telesat. This task is challenging because firstly you have to create a constellation of satellites in the space, which has been a dream of Telesat from the very beginning.


Let’s hope that this technology gets developed fast so that we have greater and better access to the Internet from any place, be it home, workplace or on the go.


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