Top 5 Development Environments for Developers

The selection of a Development Environment eventually depends on the taste of a developer. There are some basic aspects considered in the context of selecting these Environments. These aspects are based on its interface, simplicity, compatibility and it’s free or not, these are some characteristics to which a developer looks for.

A Development Environment is an environment where developers build their software with the help of processes and tools provided with it, it can be IDE’s or editors.

These are the top 5 development environment :

5. Eclipse

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) on which developers can develop computer software, mobile applications, and web applications. It is written in C and Java. It supports various programming languages such as C, C++, Clojure, COBOL, JavaScript, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, and so on. It comes up with an effective plug-in system that allows you to customize the environment as per your need.

However, This IDE is largely popular among Java developers as it bundles with Java development tools contained in Eclipse software development kit, so no additional effort required to use it. It is well known Java IDE and considered as one of the best environment for Java development. However, if you want to write codes in another language,you can use plug-ins of that programming language.

It is an open source IDE which is entirely free under Eclipse Public License.
Eclipse 4.10 is the current version. you can download from here.

4. IntelliJ IDEA

Another IDE which is also popular among Java developers for developing computer software. It is developed by JetBrains written in Java and Kotlin (Kotlin language is also developed by JetBrains). It has two editions, Apache 2 Licensed community edition and proprietary commercial edition for commercial development. Besides Java, it supports various languages such as Clojure, Dart, Go, Scala, Perl and more via plugins. However Groovy, Java and Kotlin don’t need any additional effort to run their codes.

It provides some efficient and effective features that speed up the development process, these are coding assistance, version control system and plugins for adding functionalities.

Jetbrains offers lots of IDE’s which are free such as Netbeans and Android Studio.

The Community edition is free and open source for JVM and Android development

You can download this from here.

3. Sublime text

It is a cross platform source code editor with Python API which is quite popular among Web developers for developing web applications. It is written in C++ and Python. It also supports various programming languages that ultimately fall in the context of software development and with the plug-in you can extend its functionality. It is maintained under free software licenses.

It provides features such as “Goto Anything” that allows easy navigation enabling developers to work concurrently on different files and separate them systematically by moving them directly from the editor and “Multiple Selection” that saves your time to build up an application.

The current version of Sublime text is Sublime text 3. It can be downloaded for free but you require to purchase the license to use it. You can download it from here.

2. Visual Studio

An integrated development environment established by Microsoft and written in C++ and C# on which one can write a program almost in any programming and scripting language. Due to the support for various scripting and programming languages, one can develop a large variety of complex applications ranging from website to computer programs to mobile application.

It supports 36 programming languages some of them are C++, Visual Basic .NET, C#, F#, JavaScript and more. However, for Python, Ruby and Node.Js and other can be used after installing their respective plugins.

The visual studio community edition is completely free and Visual Studio version 2017 is the current version.

You can download it from here.

1. Visual Studio Code

Another Product by Microsoft named Visual Studio Code, it is an open source code editor which supports debugging, syntax highlighting and intelligent code completion and more. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Users can customize its look and feel as per their preferences. It is based on Electron framework that let you develop native applications on web technologies

It supports various programming and scripting languages such as C, C++, F#, Go, Groovy, JavaScript, Python, HTML, Java and more.

You can download it from here.

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