Top 5 Programming Languages to look in 2019

If you curious to know which languages are going to be worth to learn in 2019, then it’s the right place for you. There are more than 700 programming languages to learn and each and every language has its own significance. For beginners, it would be a bit confusing to choose a programming language. This article will help you to choose the perfect language that will fit in your domain. These ranking are based on the popularity, applications and future usability of the language.

5. Kotlin

An emerging and was officially declared primary programming language by Google for building an android application is none other than Kotlin. You may be heard of this language, Kotlin is a general purpose language that runs on JVM, similar to Java. It was first unveiled in 2011 as a project and its stable release was launched in February 2016. It is designed and developed by JetBrains. This language has gained a quite popularity after it was being declared as the language for Android applications. It is also easy to integrate with data processing frameworks such as Hadoop. Many Companies such as Pinterest, Coursera, and Uber used this language for their Android app development. Developers have been moving from Java to Kotlin in the field of mobile application development as it provides modern features that Android developers had been looking for.

If you want to be an Android developer then you should jump into this language.

4. Java

We all already aware of this language, it was developed by James Gosling in 1995 which was initially made for electronic devices. It is an object-oriented language and has been ruling over all other languages in terms of popularity. However, many modern languages came up with modern features, making the code short and increase readability, but still, Java has vast developers community and stood up at the top with having the same degree of importance as before it has. Companies have been using Java, such as Slack and Uber. However, it seems people’s interest declined from Java and shifted towards modern languages.

3. Go

If you looking for one of the hot languages in the market, then Go could be your preference. Go is a programming language which was developed by Google Engineers often known GoLang first appeared 9 years ago. And now, its popularity among developer community has been growing explosively. According to StackOverflow Survey 2018, It is one of the most wanted languages. Google, Cloudflare, and IBM are some companies that are using GO.

2. Python

You would always find this language in the top 5 ranking. A programming language that has gained a lot of popularity within a short period of time. It supports rich and effective frameworks, allowing you to do almost anything in any area of industry. Hot technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Neural Networks require Python as a primary language. Dropbox, Spotify, Facebook, and Amazon are some example. It is easy to learn and have a great community which will help you a lot.

1. JavaScript

Want to build a Web application, Desktop application, Mobile Applications or a browser plugin? All these are possible by using this language. Originally developed by Netscape for their browser and is now became a core part of any web application. JavaScript is a scripting language whose usage is not only limited to web applications, but it can also be used to make mobile and desktop applications with the help of its frameworks. It supports a rich collection of frameworks such as React, Angular. Js and more. Facebook,twitter, and Instagram are developed with JavaScript.

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