TypeScript 3.3 is now officially available with enhanced behavior for calling union types

On Thursday, Microsoft has officially released TypeScript 3.3 with minor improvements and additional features over the previous version. No major changes had been seen except improvement in calling union types. This is the upgradation from version 3.2 which can be directly downloaded from its official site.

These are the features in TypeScript 3.3 you will find:

Improved Behavior for calling union types:

Union type enables a user to access similar properties among two or more union types.

In the previous version, there was a great degree of restriction with calling types, especially when every type has exactly one signature with identical arguments. This restriction has now minimized though, by introducing a feature where the parameters of signatures are intersected together to create a new signature.

Incremental file watching for composite projects:

A feature is now also added for structuring builds called “composite project”. Allowing developers to break a large project down into a smaller chunks which would lead a large project to build quickly and preserve project structure at the same time.

JavaScript editing in Sublime text:

TypeScript plugin helps users to get the more accurate compilation, rename, go-to definition and more in JavaScript file.

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