WhatsApp appoints a grievance officer to deal with fake news

After getting 3 letters from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India, asking WhatsApp to put some sort of control over fake news and messages which has been now become a major issue on WhatsApp’s platform. WhatsApp, the instant messaging app has appointed a grievance officer to curb fake news, Users can directly get connected to the WhatsApp support team from its app under Settings section.

This is the major step taken by the WhatsApp. Before that, WhatsApp had limited the forwarding of messages by setting it to 5 people in order to clamp down fake news reach.

This whole story of sending letters raised, when false news circulated over Whatsapp’s platform, resulting lots of people had to face public rage and some of them got killed.

From there, the government has been putting pressure on WhatsApp to find a quick solution over the fake news by digging out the origin of the news.

However, WhatsApp replied back by saying it would violate the user’s privacy or say an end to end encryption.

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