Which Web Framework is better? Flask or Django

As in our previous post, we discussed the power of Python and the top 5 Python frameworks trending in the industry.
Today,  we are gonna take a deep dive, learn more about those frameworks and compare the top trending Python web frameworks in the coder’s world.

If you are a Python lover just like me. You would know that Django and flask are the most popular Python web framework in the market.
And if you are a beginner backend web developer you must have gone through the difficulty of choosing the best backend framework for your web application.


Django was invented to meet fast-moving newsroom deadlines while satisfying the tough requirements of the experienced web developers.

  • Django is complex, vast and has more features.
  • It is widely used by organizations like Disqus, NASA, Mozilla foundation & Instagram.
  • It has a wider active developer community then flask.
  • It provides you with the built-in user authentication and admin model with groups and profile features.
  • Django has its own ORM model. The Django web framework includes a default object-relational mapping layer (ORM) that can be used to interact with application data from various relational databases such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

This makes django strictly structured. So there is a big learning curve as you have to dig deep and learn python as well as django.

I can say django has its own way of doing things.

When to use Django.

  • Use django when you are an experienced coder in python and have experience with web development.
  • Use django when you want to create a full-blown e-commerce type web app with multiple admin profile functionality and complex database connectivity and queries.


  • Flask is easier to get started.
  • Flask is not so much popular in coders world and I don’t really know any big companies that use flask, it is mainly used by small B2C organizations and for personal projects.
  • Flask developers community is small as compared to Django but Flask documentation is well written as compared to django.
  • Flask is simple and has less feature.
  • you have to Write your own admin and authentication model making flask less structured and more flexible so making it easier to understand and learn

When to use Flask

If you are python beginner or just started in backend web development and want to have a full control over your code and wants to know how things are working go for Flask.
Flask is used to make small web apps , i.o.t(internet of things) apps, rest apis .

My Opinion

I would say you can learn any of the frameworks but first build something. After building one product you can learn another framework to get perspective. As you will build more products,  you will be able to judge which framework will help you more. Once you understand the fundamental concepts of Python and its web frameworks, learning a new framework will be relatively trivial.

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