Why Twitter CEO Is Promoting Bitcoin?

The Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that, “Bitcoin will be the world’s only currency in next 10 years or so”. The statement has garnered enough paparazzi in the IT domain recently.


Further, he stated that there is a strong need for digital currency, which in turn requires to be universally accepted over the Internet and Bitcoin has the full potential. This projection about Bitcoin in the next 10 years seems to be quite unreal given its ban in many Asian countries.

These words by Dorsey are not shocking because he is also the CEO of Square, which has recently added the option of buying and even selling the cryptocurrency on their Square Cash application. This totally signifies that Square Company indeed have a trick up their sleeve when it comes to the Bitcoin future.

This company also recently released children-centric infotainment regarding the benefits of the digital currency. It could be a strategic move by the Square to garner attention of the masses. This in turn is surely a positive move to set up the idea of Bitcoin in the minds of toddlers as future will be steered by them.

Dorsey has gone on record to state the numerous benefits of Bitcoin which could be the world’s only digital currency in the coming future. These words by Twitter CEO are influential because Twitter has already redefined social media and now with Square and its emphasis on Bitcoin will surely make a boom for many of the cryptocurrency lovers.


Some might hate and some might love, but Jack Dorsey has clearly indicated that Bitcoin is here to stay.

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