Zap Desktop 0.3.0 beta released, a Bitcoin lightning Network Wallet

A Lighting Network increases transaction speed and reduces the problem of transaction delays and absorbent fees to a great extent.

Zap Desktop 0.3.0 beta has been released with a simple and clean interface. One can easily create, manage and configure multiple wallets at single place straight from home screen known as Launchpad. After seeing the user behavior and usage pattern of Zap wallet at different platforms, resulting in a newly designed interface from where users could now easily connect and control their BTCPay Server.

These are some features that will support redesigned Zap Desktop:

Wallet Configuration: It enables you to configure autopilot settings

LNDConnect: It allows to a host “connect to Zap” button which will redirect you automatically to a remote node.

Litecoin Support: Zap supports remote Litcoing Lighting node connection.

Here’s the download link.

About ZAP

Zap wallet is developed by Jack Mallers in 2017. It is an open source wallet with a clean interface for transacting in Bitcoin. It is available for Desktop and Mobile.

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